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Missionary Miscarriage

Hello, so I'm not going to Argentina in the near future with Campus Crusade for Christ.  At base, I was only at 51% support raised and I cannot go underfunded.  I've been describing this process of coming to terms with not going as a miscarriage.  I have never been pregnant and so I have never miscarried, but I have often heard of things being 'spiritually birthed' and that's what I'm basing this on.  I hope, and don't think it will, this analogy doesn't offend anyone, but it's truly how I feel.

As many women have felt called their whole life to be mothers, to have lot's of babies with their amazing husband: I have felt called to be a missionary, to do lots of things with and for my amazing Lover.  When the time was right, the moment finally came, she became pregnant and she knew it: finally I was called to be a missionary to Argentina when I graduated from school, I was so excited!  She went to the Lamaze classes, ate the right food, did a gift…

Single and Free!

Hello, I apologize for not posting in so long, I've been busy raising support; I'm currently at 50% and must be at 100% by the end of this month, so I've been working and praying very hard!

Today I spoke at a former church of mine; I went there with my family when I was a little child.  I was so grateful to come back and share how the Lord has been working in my life and where He is taking me.  Afterwards, I was talking to a member about my ministry in more detail and told her how grateful I am to be available to do this.

I'm so excited to be able to serve the Lord in this capacity, especially since I've wanted to be a missionary for so long!  What a great time it is in my life to go abroad; I have no children, husband, mortgage, etc.  While all those things are not wrong and are great at the right time, in the right order, God hasn't chosen to given those to me just yet, which is great because it makes me available for serving in a way Paul talks about to the…

Week 30 of raising support

Hello, this was my 30th week of support raising.  How exhausting, I've been raising support for over half a year and I'm only at 35%.  What is the deal?  I got a call from someone I admire greatly and she was encouraging, but also broke the news that if I'm not at or above 80% by December 15th I won't be going to Argentina.  This put me in a tizzy and made me cry and made me feel a little crazy.  But it also lit a fire under me.  I've working hard, but now I'm working harder.  I have nothing else to really say, other than please pray for the support to come in, please give so that the support does come in, and please give contacts for me to contact for me to go.  I cannot do this by myself, it is impossible, you can be an important part of this ministry.


I hope your Thanksgiving was full of reminders of how the Lord loves and provides for His children.  My Thanksgiving was pretty great, spent with lots of family and lots of noise!

Okay, this summer at STINT Briefing we watched a movie called Outsourced; the movie was about a man, Todd, that was sent to India to help improve a call center for the company he worked for (it sold novelty items).  He came there to simply get the job done, but he knew nothing of the culture.  This lack of knowledge put him in some very uncomfortable positions.  I won't spoil the movie, but it did put a lot of things into perspective for many of us at STINT briefing.  Well now this movie has been made into a show on NBC (I think), called Outsourced.  This show has quickly become a favorite of mine, even in the short amount of time that it's been on air; every episode, Todd learns something new about India (the people, place, culture, and religion) and sees the USA more objectively.  Every episode, he…

random stuff i'm excited about: spanish

Ever since Kindergarten, I have loved Spanish.  It's a beautiful language that's attached to a beautiful culture with a rich history.  In elementary school we had a resident Spanish teacher, Señora Maria, who would come to our class and teach us basic Spanish, like: good morning/afternoon, hello, how are you?, colors, and other stuff.  I always looked forward to her visits, but halfway through elementary school, she was no longer 'allowed' to teach us Spanish, but she was still at our school; so what she would do was come under the guise of giving our teacher a break and when the teacher was gone (she knew what was going on) she would give us a brief lesson on Spanish.  So it was early that I developed a love for Spanish, and this love led me to study it on my own and to take classes, and at one point try to minor in it.  There are many memories of my childhood that point to my love for Spanish and the people of Latin America; looking back now I realize that it was God…

Random stuff I'm excited about: cars

So sometimes I'll be dealing with something, serious or not so much, in my life and I think " I can't wait to be in Argentina, so I won't have to deal with this."  As of late I've thought that about my car; I'm grateful for it and I definitely need it.  BUT I sure do hate car maintenance; it makes NO sense to me, all those liquids you got to keep pouring/pumping in, all those lights to look at/understand in the dashboard, the insurance stuff to worry about, ick!  I'm just no good at it.  So in addition to ministry in Argentina, I'm uber anticipatory of not having to deal with a car for a year.  I know it's silly, but I seriously despise that car stuff, there are so many other things I'd rather be doing with my time and energy than dealing with my car!

Peter & I

I have to be honest, I've been struggling with doubt lately.  I KNOW that the Lord has called me to Buenos Aires, Argentina as a STINTer post graduation, but I often feel so discouraged to the point of doubting whether or not I'm to go.  I then feel scared and ashamed; scared because for those instances I really doubt that I ever heard God call me to Argentina, and ashamed because I'm being prideful by worrying about how I'll look/feel if I don't go.  Then I feel remorse for doubting God's sovereign plan.  Ministry Partner Development (aka MPD, aka support raising) is uniquely one of the hardest things I've ever done.  This is all very new for me, and while I'm raising support for something I've felt called to for most of my life, I still feel the weight of doubt.  That's really scary and frustrating for me.

This point in my life reminds me of Matthew 14:22-33, when Peter walks on the water.  Peter said "Lord, if it is You, command me to co…

Information on the Vida Estudiantil Ministry (Campus Crusade for Christ) in Buenos Aires

Hi all!  Here's a link to a blog posting from one of my teammates in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Here's how to give!

Reliance Upon the Lord

Sooo...first of all: sorry for not updating.  Second of all this post is a long time coming.
Psalm 56:
Be gracious to me, O God, for man tramples on me all day long an attacker oppresses me; my enemies trample on me all day long, for many attack me proudly.  When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.  In God I trust; I shall not be afraid.  What can flesh do to me?  All day long they injure my cause; all their thoughts are against me for evil.  They stir up strife, they lurk; they watch my steps, as they have waited for my life.  For their crime will they escape?  In wrath cast down the peoples, oh God!  You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle.  Are they not in your book?  Then my enemies will turn back in the day when I call.  This I know that God is for me.  In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid.  What can man do to me?  I must perform my vows to you, O God; I will render thank offerings to you.  Fo…

Ministry Partner Update

Hi all! So currently, I am still right around 19% and need to be at 50% by this Friday.  Please be praying for the Lord's provision for that and remember that giving something is more than giving nothing.  That may seem like a silly statement, but I've realized that a lot of people feel like because they can't give 'a lot', that they shouldn't give anything at all.  No amount is too small.  It's a blessing to share this ministry with others, this ministry isn't just me it's all those who give of their financial resources and their prayers.


Boldness in Asking and the Three Parts of Missions

Possibly one of the most humbling experiences I've ever had is Ministry Partner Development.  I talk to people I have never met and couldn't pick out in a crowd, I talk to people I've known for months or years.  But one of the strangest challenges in MPD is boldness in asking.

Basically, I'm supposed to ask everyone; which, at first, didn't seem so challenging.  But the more invested I got into MPD, the more of a challenge it was for me to simply ask people, familiar or not.  Don't get me wrong, I love people (I'm such an extrovert), and I love talking about what I'll be doing, but asking people to join me in this ministry is pretty tough for me at times.  It's not the sharing what I'll be doing and those details that makes me nervous, it's the asking people to financially support this ministry that can be quite the obstacle.

The truth is: people are defensive about their money.  If they/we feel like someone is trying to finagle money out of…

Labor Day

As I write this entry, I am dealing with a lot of emotions, mostly (if not all) unpleasant ones.  Today was Labor Day, my long weekend was the best in a while, but there was one big spoiler: today the Argentina STINT teams left for Argentina.  Obviously I am not with that group tonight as I have student teaching this last semester and will be joining them post-graduation in January.  "Oh well, that's only a few short months away" some have said to me; but the truth is, it doesn't feel short to me.  I have wanted to be a missionary in this capacity for my whole life, so having "a few short months" in my way is a bit too suspenseful for me.

Today Bridgette (who will be STINTing in Chile come January) and I went up to Raleigh-Durham Airport to see off two members of the La Plata, Argentina Team.  I've known this day would come for several months now, but it actually happened!  At the airport, were the STINTers' mom's and brothers, and some friends,…

funny video about Ministry Partner Development

Here's a funny music video someone made who is in the process of support raising (Ministry Partner Development) to join staff with Campus Crusade for Christ.  It's pretty funny, but this is how it feels at times.  Enjoy!

if home is where the heart is...

At STINT Briefing we had what was called AOA, Area of Affairs (I think), and in those meetings we learned about the culture we would be STINTing in.  I, of course, was in Latin America.  During one of the times we met, we talked about the differences in the values of US culture and Latin American culture.  Of course not everyone in the USA or in Latin America are the same, but these are generalizations that somewhat outline values of each of these cultures.  So below are the list of comparable values of the USA and Latin America (USA on top and Latin America in bold):
1)Task Oriented: productivity 1) People Oriented: relationships 2) Time Oriented: scheduled 2) Event Orientation: here and now has full attention 3) American Dream: corporate ladder 3) Limited Resources: social status stays 4) Consumerism: trading for bigger and better 4) Conservation: use until can't use anymore 5) Efficiency and Convenience: save time and get more done 5) Tradition: done how they're always done 6) Future …

Quick Update!

Hi all!  So I just did some math (strange right?) and I am 18%!  This is such a pleasant surprise considering the last time I calculated I was around 5% percent.  Praise God, the Provider.  I need $540 to reach my deadline of 20% ($6600) by September 1st and I am trusting in God to get me there.

Please continue to pray for me to trust in the Lord for support raisin as well as other things; and also pray for the Argentina STINT teams who will be reporting to La Plata and Buenos Aires on September 6th (Labor Day).   Some of them still are not at 100% and must be before they get on that plane.

The 4-L's of a STINTer

Hi all! So I am back from STINT Briefing in St. Charles, Illinois and boy was it an exhausting blast!  We had different sessions and services that prepared us for our jobs as STINTers to the world.  The main objectives given to us for effective ministry are what are called the 4-L's, they are: Love the Lord, Love My Team, Launch Movements, and Learn a New World.  Some of the main sessions were how to go about doing each of those.

Love the Lord
What an amazing job I have to be paid and 'required' to love the Lord!  I, myself, cannot change the world for the betterment of His Kingdom; I, myself, cannot glorify Him as I was created to do.  But if I am always coming to the Lord, seeking to be guided by Him and be obedient to Him, then I can love Him the way I am supposed to.  To try to help build a stable, Christ-centered movement without doing so for with love for the Lord, is foolish and dangerous.  It's dangerous because it becomes about ourselves when we don't keep …

Chi-town tomorrow

Well folks! Tomorrow two of my friends and I fly up to Chicago, IL (we'll be in St. Charles for the week) for STINT briefing.  We'll be amongst all the STINTers from the USA who'll be reporting to their assignments (in August, September, October, and January), some of them will even be reporting to their assignments directly from the briefing.  This is another reality check for me: this means that I am one HUGE step closer to actually being in Buenos Aires, Argentina, hooray.  At briefing, there'll be sessions that will help prepare us for our internship this year.  We'll be worshiping with people who are being sent to the corners of the Earth to help fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and will be meeting most, if not all, of our teammates that we'll be serving with in our assignments.  I am very excited about having (almost all) of the Buenos Aires team together before we report there.

Here's how you can pray:
> that all those who need 100%…

email from a future team member

Hello! This is part of an email a future team member of mine sent to us future Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It was so encouraging to me on a tough today like today.  I desire to have faith like that, there's no reason that I cannot.

I recently got word that some of you may be feeling slightly discouraged in the area of raising finances. We’ve all been there and understand you completely. I wanted to include a few paragraphs from a book that I recently finished reading, It’s Not Death to Die – the biography of Hudson Taylor – because they immensely expanded my concept of faith and understanding of God’s faithfulness. Below is a memory he recalled of inspiration he received from another famous missionary – George Muller: 
“A story that encouraged Hudson was of the time when there was no food on the breakfast table for the orphan children being cared for by Muller. The tables were set, but the plates were empty and there was no money to buy food. With the children seated and waiting for th…

generocity from me

This Summer I have been thinking about generocity a lot more than I usually do.  Mostly, I have been thinking about it in terms of people being generous when giving to this ministry which in turn is being generous to God's Kingdom.  But this note isn't about the generocity of others, it's about my being generous with money that's not mine.  Everything that I have, and ever have had belongs to the Lord; I haven't fully realized that until this Summer. Haggai 2:7-9 says: And I will shake all nations, so that the treasures of all nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with glory, says the Lord of hosts.  The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, declares the Lord of hosts.  The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts. And in this place I will give peace, declares the Lord of hosts.'"

I've always thought I was exempt from giving tithes, offerings, or helping in general because I was a child, or because …

God the Provider

Only within the past year or so have I become interested in Theology (the study of God, the attributes of Him), but I've quickly fallen in love with it and come into an understanding of the necessity.  (The reason being, my discipler in Greensboro MADE me read Knowing God by J.I. Packer, and I've been hooked ever since...thanks Michelle).  As I continue reading this book, for it is a very dense read, I fall more in love with the Lord.  Quite simply, He's great and we're not.  It amazes me that this God that's so big and intricate and lovely would choose to love us puny, stupid humans.  But that is just me rambling.

God is Provider.  Countless times in the Bible God provided for the needs of His beloveds:  the Hebrews' food and water in the desert is the one that stands out to me the most.  God chose them, He was their God, but when things got to be uncomfortable they whined and wanted out of the journey.  God continued to provide for them, because He made a prom…

Week 12 of Ministry Partner Development

Hey y'all, whoa three posts in one night, good deal!  Well this week marks my 12th week of Ministry Partner Development...whew!  Boy has this been a journey, learning to trust in the Lord for everything, with no 'Plan B' is tough but worth it.  I am still in the process of raising support and in GREAT need of monetary support and more people to contact.  There's no other way to put it:  I need you to give both contacts and money.

The Great Commission is real!

Matthew 28:18-20:  And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."
That is what's called the Great Commission, and notice that it wasn't a suggestion.

It's exciting to be a part of that; it's exciting to know people who are a part of that.  I can see how God has surrounded me with people who have a similar passion for sharing God's Love and Truth to said nations; this has been a blessing and a learning experience for me.  It brings true joy to my heart to think of all the places and people that will be changed by these people who have effected and affected MY life!  My friends and I have been called to go overseas to do the Lord's work and there's no greater honor t…

Argentina information

Hello!  Here's a great link to some information about Argentina, pretty official stuff.

If you would like to give: (Aris Henderson)

In Christ's Love,

in the month to come

Hey all. So almost exactly a month away all the STINTers who will be beginning work in their assignments (for example my assignment Buenos Aires, Argentina) this STINT season will be reporting to Chicago, Illinois for the annual STINT briefing! Hoorah! (By the way, STINT stands for Short Term INTernational.) Some people will be leaving for their assignments straight from the briefing! What this means to me is that 1)my LAST semester in school is quickly approaching and 2) the urgency of support raising is becoming more real.
If all of my support does not come in, I do not go. There is definitely a great need in Buenos Aires, Argentina for STINTers (in fact there are around 900,000 college students in Buenos Aires, Argentina) , so we don't want to let them down!

If you would like to learn more about what I'll be doing as a STINTer in Buenos Aires, Argentina send me a message at Also, if you would like to give this is the best way…

ministry update

Hey y'all!  Boy has this past week been great; people have (actually) been calling me back!  When people call ME back, it's so encouraging and helps me out immensly because I have a list of people to call and it adds to my ever growing/changing list when I have to call them again.  Not only have I been encouraged by people calling me back, but I have had two great appointments since Saturday.  Both have ended in the blessing of a commitment to give to this ministry (!) and one has ended with a solid handful of referrals.  While it's been greatly encouraging to have these two appointments as well as a decision to partner by the phone from a family a little further away, I'm still not where I should be in the Ministry Partner Development process.  Typically, 6-8 appointments are recommended for each week of support raising and I've only been doing (if any at all) a small portion of that per week.  There are times when it's really hard to feel encouraged and to co…

this week

It never seems to amaze me how the Lord keeps me and loves me and how He expresses His love.  My mind is so small, I put these limits/expectations/plans on God because that's what makes sense to me.  But God is bigger and better, in fact, He's perfect.  So when my plans and expectations don't go the way I expect for them to and I feel frustrated, confused, and maybe even a little cheated; God comes in and reminds me that He's had it all along.

At times I feel frustrated, confused, and maybe even a little cheated about Ministry Partner Development; I didn't expect for it to be this hard.  But even on days when I'm feeling so very discouraged and disappointed, the LORD reminds me that He takes care of me.  He reminds me, constantly, that this isn't up to me.  This is not the Coléa show, this is and always will be about God.  This is about God being glorified, from the process of building my Ministry Team to the day I return to the US from Argentina.

I love the …

truckin' along

Hello all!  This past week has been strange and awesome.  Last Saturday was a very tough day; I woke up with the ringing thought of "You're not to go to Argentina".  This made me panicky, scared, and confused.  I tried refuting that thought with using [my] logic:  why would the Lord change my heart so drastically for Argentina?, couldn't this be a lie from satan (he is called the father of lies after all)?, am I just feeling discouraged?  So I decided to go to the Lord, He knows all that answers.  I voiced my fear, that He wasn't calling me to Argentina like I knew He was, and wasn't even going to bother reading my Bible, but I did.  Right now I'm reading Daniel in my quiet times with the Father and that book is full of goodies!  By no coincedence, I was at Daniel chapter six, this is where King Darius made a rule that no one should pray to anyone that was not his god(s) or else they would be thrown into the lions' den to die.  Daniel was obedient and…

Week 8 of Ministry Partner Development

Hello!  This is my eighth-ish week of support raising, whoot whoot!  The Lord has brought me so far and still has a lot further to bring me.  I have learned so much about trusting the Lord and what I was doing that I called "trusting the Lord".

A couple Sunday afternoons ago, I was together with a handful of ladies from my college-young adult group and we were sharing what was happening in our lives; I began sharing what had been building up for a while.  I shared my frustrations and struggles with Ministry Partner Development and life in general (but mostly about MPD).  I had been feeling anxious, spastic, overwhelmed, and exhausted!  None of those feelings are awesome to feel, I think everyone can agree on that.  After my neurotic spill, my friend said 'you're trying to micromanage God'.  At first I didn't want to believe that I would do such a thing; I am the person who doesn't dig details and who likes to go with the flow.  The reason I had picked up t…

no pressure, just be awesome!

As a future teacher (I'm studying Music Education), I am constantly reminded of what is proper dress and decorim for the classroom;  things like dress/skirt length, proximity with students, vocal inflections and pitch, and the list goes on.  Well, I've felt a lot of (self-inflicted) pressure to maintain this "persona of a missionary".  I thought of missionary women as long skirt wearing, loose bun wearing, living with Pigmies (in Central Africa), and bug eating women; and I was okay with all of that, because I have always wanted to be a missionary!  But this self-inflicted pressure to be as close to perfect is not healthy, and thankfully I've been delivered from that.  Since this internship is with a non-profit organization, I have to raise all of the money for this job, I do this by contacting a whole array of people.  Some of the people I know, and others I have never met before.  Impressions, whether they be first or not, are very important; so I have felt the…

support letter

Hello!  Below is the letter I've sent to people asking them to become part of my ministry team,  I've taken off some information (like my address).  Enjoy!

Hello, I hope this letter finds you well! I am so excited to share how the Lord has been moving in my life. I am a senior music education major at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and will be graduating with my Bachelors in Music Education in December. I have grown immensely in my relationship with the Lord throughout college, and one of the main contributors to the growth is an organization called Campus Crusade for Christ, an interdenominational Christian organization founded in 1951 by Bill and Vonette Bright. It is through this group (Cru for short) that I have learned how to deepen my relationship with God and how to effectively share my faith. I have also lead Bible studies and discipled ladies on my campus. This organization has helped equip me to share my faith and to live my faith.

Since returning from …

some great information

I found this website recently and was really encouraged by the information I found.  It's a website that reviews Christian charities and non-profit organizations, it shows numbers on money and and assess different aspects that are important.  Check it out!

...a wave tossed in the ocean...

Hello!  So lately I've been thinking a lot about death; there have been a lot of deaths that I've heard of or known a person that it more directly effects lately.  Me dying is something that doesn't frighten me or even make me feel uncomfortable, and even the death of others doesn't typically bother me.  Death is a part of life, everyone will die, I've grown up dealing with death; ever since I was a little child people in my family (grandparents, great aunts, friends of the family, parents, siblings) have died.  But I keep thinking, what if your death doesn't matter.  Now of course one's death matters, there are (hopefully) people that love and care about them that will miss them when they're gone; but what if one's life was so unawesome, so uninspiring, the people and places left behind are not changed?  Does that not terrify anyone else?!?

When I die, I want people to remember not so much me, but how the Lord changed the world through me.  This isn…

Week 4 of Ministry Partner Development

Hello all!  This week is my fourth week of Ministry Partner Development and boy has it been a roller-coaster!  I've had three MPD appointments this week.  I've called more people this week to set up appointments and to follow up with letters that I sent them.  That takes a lot of faith, at least for me, because I am really putting myself out there.  A good handful of the people I've called have inaccurate numbers so I can't follow up with them in that way.  Some of the other people that I've called have said no to supporting me and gave me no referrals.  Referrals are really important in this process because I need to contact and work with as many people as possible; I want lots of people to serve God's Kingdom through this capacity.  This is a great ministry, not because of me, but because of God!

If the call ended in an appointment or a commitment of sorts, I'd feel really encouraged and happy; but if it ended with a "no" and no referrals, I felt…

oh yea!

So this week I've gotten more stuff done for STINT than usual (I plan on increasing this) and this really excites and comforts me.  Today I talked to my Ministry Partner Development coach, Alison (who's wonderful, by the way), and told her all the stuff I'd gotten done, and stuff that I was working on, and planning to working.  We also talked about how I am doing spiritually and emotionally and otherwise.  I was talking to a friend of mine who is raising support for STINTing in Chile and a wave of excitement came over me.

Sometimes, just out of the blue, I get really excited about Argentina!  I'm perpetually happy about it, but then these waves of excitement and anticipation about STINTing spontaneously come!  This is real!  I'm really getting to do this!

Yesterday was my college-young adult pastor's birthday and he said that he's literally quit jobs over having to work on his birthday; but what he said after that struck me: even though technically he was wor…


Hello!  I wanted to give y'all an update on how I'm doing and feeling thus far.  I have to raise support for STINT; this means that I depend upon different people, organizations, groups, companies, or whoever to give financially in order for this ministry to work.  I build this team of people, Ministry Partners, by writing letters, making calls, going on appointments, maybe even doing fundraisers.  Once a week my Ministry Partner Development coach and I have a phone appointment (she lives in a different city) and talk about the process: what I'm doing, what I need to be doing, goals,  and accomplishments.  She has been WONDERFUL and I am so glad that that's she's walking me through this process.

I am not the best planner, nor do I enjoy making schedules for myself, especially during the Summer months, so this has already been a great challenge for me.  Each day I have so much to do that involves STINT and non-STINT related activities; just the thought makes me stres…

For the Bible Tells Us So...

Hello! So I love the Bible and what the Bible says about God's heart for "the nations".  When I and other people say "the nations", they mean anywhere but their homeland.  Here are some verses that really are strong reminders for me, and hopefully you, of why missions are Biblical.
>>>Matthew 28:18-20~ And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.  And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."
>>>John 3:16-17~ For God so loved the world, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through Him.
>>>Romans 10:14-15~ But how are they to call on Him in whom th…

My calling to and vision for Argentina

Hello folks!  I wanted to take some time to share more deeply how the Lord has called me to missions in Argentina, so here is my CALLING STORY
     My story starts when I was a child, even before I was a Christian.  When I was around kindergarten age, 5 or 6 years (perhaps younger), I told my mommy that when I grew up I wanted to travel around the world and learn about/explore/live amongst the different cultures and languages and religions of the world.  But, I said, I also wanted to tell them about Jesus;  I asked her if there was such a job and she told me yes and it's called a missionary.  All throughout my life, this has been a consistent desire of my heart, to: go into all the nations and tell them about the love of Jesus.
Fast forward to Summer 2009 where I went on a Summer Missions Project to San Jose, Costa Rica with Campus Crusade for Christ.  It was there that I was reminded of my love and passion for Latin American culture and the Spanish language.  The Fall semester of 2…

Comming soon to a blog near you!

Hello Hello! Welcome to my first blog ever; I feel so tech savey!  Soon I will have information on why I am going to Argentina, my vision for the Argentines that we will be working with, along with details of what we will be doing in B.A., Argentina.