Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time fo Dat: Why I'm Not Waiting

I read this today from a friend's tweet, I didn't like it.  I've grown up with this 'waiting' talked about and preached to me and I've decided to disagree deeply with it.  The post I read today was about how (Christian women are) to wait for their husbands, like what they should be doing in the meantime and why, as well as what to wait for.  While I agree that one should not just be sitting stagnant, twiddling their thumbs as they sit pretty waiting for their 'Prince Charming', I don't like the idea, the sound, of waiting.  There are better things to do.

To me, waiting means there's a preoccupation from the present task, life, at hand.  Yes, the Productive Waiting Model (I just made that up) encourages the waiters to further themselves in their spiritual life and to make sure they have some type of concept of the man they're to marry one day, but that still doesn't feel right to me.  When I'm in the waiting room at the mechanic, I bring a book to read and keep me company, but the book (which would be my productivity) isn't why I'm there, it's not the main reason I'm sitting in that waiting room.  I'm putting things on hold, other great stuff I could be doing, but killing my time waiting by bringing a book-friend to distract.  When intentionally waiting for a mate, everything else seems like a distraction from the main objective, gettin' yoself a man!

I know I'm different from a lot of people; I didn't dream of marriage and kids and picket fences and domesticity, I dreamed of traveling the world, living among the marginalized to improve life for all.  I assumed that I would get married (and then divorced), because I thought that was simply what all adults did.  Like a requirement or a rite of passage.  So perhaps that Productive Waiting Model (Patent Pending) isn't made for people like me; my existence isn't dependent upon whether or not I get married.  My life dreams have nothing to do with a man/husband, but he's more than welcome to come along for the ride, that is if he exists.

So NO, I will not wait for the man of my dreams.  And I will not dream of the man of my dreams.  I will live my life to the best of my ability and not hold off on the good stuff until 'I have someone special to share it with.'  If a man comes into my life, sure let's do the damn thing, but I will not sit around waiting for him to get here, ain't nobody got time fo dat.  Life is too good to sit in a musky waiting room.

 (I just think this one is hilarious)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mediocre Patriotism, but mostly a list of places I never want to live

I'm not patriotic; in fact today (July 4th, 2013) I'm probably the most patriotic I've ever been because I'm wearing a blue shirt on purpose.  I usually intentionally wear NOT red/white/blue on this holiday so as not to be mistaken for a patriotic citizen.  With that being said, I've been thinking of different places in the USA I would never want to live.  Calm down, this isn't serious, so just read.

1) New York.  It's one of the most popular places in the USA/World.  Often it's iconic busy streets and it's towering buildings are one of the first images that come up when people from other parts of the world think about the US.  But I don't want to live there: I'm uncomfortable with the amount of villains who are bent on tearing up the place: Doc Oc, the Green Goblin, the Sandman, the Silver Surfer, and Victor Von Doom to name a few.  Now, granted, Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers do a great job of fighting them, I still don't want to be in a place that is always the target for such huge conflict.

2) Metropolis/Smallville. One of those places, Smallville, seems endlessly boring and the other is always the destination for such chaos.  While Superman always comes out on top, he's kinda the reason these cities are always in such distress.  I was talking about how I wouldn't want to live in Metropolis because there's always villains visiting with my roommate the other day and she commented (thusly enlightening me) that the villains aren't after the city, they're after Superman.  They come to Metropolis because they have a beef with Superman...or because they're Lex Luther and that's just where they live. I don't want to live in any place in which the citizens, or just one citizen, are going to attract such a mean crowd.

3) Gotham City.  I'm talking about the actual Gotham City, not the unfortunately nicknamed Fayetteville, NC.  I'd live in terror if I resided there.  Gotham City has the scariest, most sinister, most intelligently sick villains in both the Marvel and DC Comic universes in my opinion.  And these villains aren't really after Batman and Robin, they're always trying to destroy (and rebuild) the city to their liking. Okay, not always, Mr. Freeze was just a really sad man.  If I lived there, I'd be in constant fear of poison coming through the vents, of politicians going all Harvey Dent on us, or of going to a football game.  So stressful.

While there are tons of places where superheroes reside,  those are probably the most popular for villainous attacks.  I'd stay away if I were you.