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How to be a customer

I work a few jobs, they all deal heavily with people.  As a person who serves people in a few different capacities (nanny, food service employee, teacher), I am offering my advice on how to be on the receiving end of people who serve you.  You're welcome.

1) Read before you ask questions. EX: You want to know what flavors we have available today, oddly enough, ALL of our yogurt flavors are labeled with not just the name, but nutritional info is available.  I will not recite all the yogurt flavors to you (unless you are blind) because I have better things to do.
2) If your child is screaming, don't bring them in the store.  We don't want to hear it.
3) I'm not going to lie to you, I have better things to use my energy and creativity on. EX:  When I say your child is behaving in a manner that is prohibiting other children to learn by screaming and humping things, I'm serious.  I don't 'have it in' for your child, I'm not trying to embarrass you (you&#…