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My biggest pet peeve is P.D.A., public displays of affection.  I think it's gross and rude.  Before you say that it's because I'm single, not true; when I was in a dating relationship,  I didn't like showing too much affection in public.  And before you say it's a love language preference, my primary love language is actually a tie between physical touch and quality time.

There are a lot of couples (dating, engaged, married) around me so I'm constantly exposed to it.  P.D.A. is when a couple shows affection for one another in public...pretty self-explanatory.  I know that they love each other and stuff, but I would believe that even without them being all over each other.

It's not the general showing of affection that I dislike, it's when it gets to a certain point that I find to be inappropriate.  Hand-holding> go for it, arm around the shoulder>I'm game...but pretty much anything beyond that I don't like.  I don't appreciate kisses (…

meany face

One thing I've never been able to understand is mean people.  Even when I was going through a mean "phase", I didn't understand it.  Being mean seems so counterproductive and exhausting, it seems like a lot of hard work.  I think when it all boils down to it, it's about injustice.  Injustice makes me angry from the 'smallest' to the 'largest' instances.  I know that I'm an idealist and people often label that as naivety, but I don't think that's it at all.

I know life isn't fair, but life doesn't need any help from people to be that way.  If life isn't fair, why be the person to encourage that?  What kind of jerk do you have to be to perpetuate the injustice in life?!  The answer is a selfish one.  Some people, I guess, don't realize that they're being mean, but I think a majority of people do.

I really think injustice is the one thing guaranteed to make me angry, especially when it's involving people I know an…


A lot of my friends identify with the fad of 'hipster' or at least they want to; but, like the first rule of Fight Club, you don't actually talk about being a hipster, because "you just don't care" .  According to a hipster is "someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle".  I can't vouch for their political views and I don't think their lifestyle is really that liberal, but I could be wrong.  Here's how to spot a hipster (yea, I know I'm stereotyping, but it's my blog): TIGHT skinny jeans, tattoos, piercings (especially on the face), v-neck shirts, t-shirts that are clearly not cool but they wear them because they 'don't care about what others think', they listen to music that mainstream society doesn't care for because (I guess) it makes them feel cool, flannel plaid shirts (they're bringing back the lumberjack look), and they pr…

things that kinda frighten me: MARRIAGE

It probably makes me unusual to say such a thing and to be a young, single woman.  In fact, many women my age want nothing more than to be married to the man they've always dreamed of and live happily ever after.  While I'm definitely not knocking marriage and would like to be married one day (if that's the Lord's will), I'm realizing more and more that marriage is: no dream to be taken lightly, doesn't solve all your problems, and it takes work.

With four engaged couples in my college-young adult group and plenty of married people in my life, marriage is always, at least, in my peripheral; all of this forces me to think about it whether I want to or not.  It's kinda annoying at times, for no other reason than there are things that are actually a part of my life that concern me. But that's no matter and that'll never go away, so I just deal.  But lately, marriage has been all up in my face, and it's not the pretty side I'm seeing, it's th…

Submission is warfare

I can't think of a time when I was individually disciplined.  In school, deadlines and rubrics kept me on track, and I did quite well in school (with a few exceptions).  At home, there were rules/regulations and I followed them (with a few exceptions).  But if it ever came to simply me wanting something from/for myself, it's always been a challenge.  I'm not ambitious or competitive, and there are very few things in this world that I think truly matter.  One thing that does matter to me is my relationship with God.  I understand that my sin gets in the way of me being closer to God, but I love Him enough to want to fix that.  I want to be closer to God and I know that takes discipline on my part.

I want discipline of my mind, heart, and body, but ever since I realized that I wanted that, I've felt ill equipped to do so.  Recently a friend gave me the book Discipline: The Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliott.  When I got the book, I first thought what an unusual book to g…

peace with God

I often hear of people 'making their peace with God', mostly in sappy moments in movies (i.e. Forrest Gump speaking of Lt. Dan), but I have always been skeptical and uncertain as to what was meant by that phrase.  It borderline offended me because I felt that there was an implication of bargaining with God, which is, in my opinion, theologically unsound.  But I do believe I have made my peace with God for the time being.

I was angry with God for over a month, which is quite unusual for me because I don't get angry at really anything or with anyone and I'm terrible at staying angry/upset.  So for me to act out that anger I was harnessing toward God was a big deal for me.  But I have exciting news (for me anyway)!

This past weekend was EXCELLENT! Lots of great things went down and the weather was gorgeous!  Sunday, the 30th, my church celebrated its fifth year anniversary with quite class; the celebration and service was held at the former PTL Broadcasting site in Fort M…