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Update 05/28/2014

Just another update if you're interested.
I just, perhaps 7 minutes ago, submitted an application to become a flight attendant for a mainline, non-legacy, airline.  Basically in the past week I decided that it'd be pretty neat to be a Flight Attendant so today marks the first day I actually started in on the process.  "But, Coléa, what happened to the whole 'moving to Chile' thing?' you may be asking: well I sent in my application packet two weeks ago today.  Two days after I sent my application in I received an email from the Chilean Consulate in DC saying that I don't qualify for the temporary residency visa I applied for.  The email was a generic rejection one so it didn't tell me why, only the kind of people that visa was for and that I could be a tourist in Chile for three months on my US passport.  I sent an email in response asking him what I need to do to qualify for said visa and explained that according to what he said in the generic rejecti…


It's been a while since I've written a blog post, so I figured I could update y'all on my life recently. I'd say a lot has happened. 
Two weeks ago yesterday, I moved. I'm now about 30 minutes south of where I was before in the city I grew up in instead of living in a surrounding city. My roommate is a generous nurse who I know from church. I've never lived on this side of town and I LOVE it. It's only about 15 minutes from the school I teach instead of the 45 minute minimum commute I had before. Now, my commute is a dream and I don't have to wake up nearly as early as before so I don't feel resentful or like shit first thing in the morning. It's great how close I am to the things I love about this city; I never realized how isolated I felt when living in Concord.  I'm quite grateful to be where I am for the time being, even if only for a few months. 
My new place doesn't have cable or internet (yet) so I've been finding other (better)…