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about this bullying business

"Bully(ing)" has become a buzz word within the past couple of years.  There have been news stories about people who have committed suicide, different anti-bullying hot-lines and organizations established, and, in general, awareness of bullying has risen.  I can't say that I have a profoundly different view point from others, but I've heard maybe two other people voice a similar opinion to mine in regards to bullying.

As a Victim:
Yea, being bullied sucks.  Growing up, I was bullied by peers at school, at church some too.  I remember, in 7th grade, I was new to the school and was having a difficult time acclimating to the different "culture" of the school.  The school was run differently and the population was different from my prior school.  There was a girl in a couple of my classes that I had known from elementary school who I was excited to see, so I started to hang out with her and her friends.  They were delinquents (getting in fights and getting suspen…