Thursday, June 28, 2012

11 trends I wish I could pull off

Growing up, I wasn't too trendy.  I wasn't allowed to be!  Both my parents, especially my mom, grew up in pretty Conservative Christian homes.  Dad: Pentecostal Baptist (yes, they exist); Mom: Pentecostal Holiness.  There were a lot of things I wasn't allowed to experience: secular music, gel pens, name brand clothing, A LOT OF TV SHOWS, etc.  Although there were times when I really wanted something 'all the other kids had' (OH!  But the day I got a TrapperKeeper?  Couldn't touch me!), I was typically pretty content with what I had.

Now, I'm an adult and I choose what I wear, listen to, consume.  It took me a long time to actually care about how I dressed, because I was out of control of that for so long (my parents controlled that and were resistant to a lot of the fads).  Here's a list of trends/fashions I'd like to be able to wear all the time without feeling like I look like I'm "trying".  Any suggestions on how to pull them off boldly?

1) Red lipstick/stain. Let's face it, I have extraordinary lips (just trust me) that I really like to make look awesome.  You know what's on the caliber of my lips?  Red lipstick/stain.  I've found a lipstain that works very well (click here), and I use it for special occasions or church (not that church isn't special)...but I want to use it all the time.  I feel so empowered and pretty when I wear it.  I wanna just go for it, but I'm too chicken.

2) Heavy eyeliner. Another great thing about my face are my eyes.  There are some people, usually women, who can wear tons of eyeliner and look so frickin' classy.  When I try to put on that amount I feel like my eyes look tiny and angry, and like there may have been some drugs involved.  Literally like 30 minutes ago, I, for the first time, put eyeliner on the inner part of my lids.  But I'm so scared of looking like a teenage girl who was never taught moderation or a hooker.  I am neither, so how do I make it work?

3) Nose ring. You guessed it, I have a lovely nose.  I might be proudest of my nose in terms of my face.  I'd like to adorn it with a nose ring.  Honestly, the only thing that's stopping me is my job at this frozen yogurt joint I work at part time.  We're not allowed to have facial piercings.  Lame.

4) Wedges.  I have a couple pairs and I really dig them and enjoy when I get to wear them.  My jobs, teaching/nannying/yogurt slinging, will not allow me to wear them.  Either for practicality reasons or for dress code restrictions (

5) Short dresses/skirts.  Now, look, I have a lot of leg.  My legs make up approximately 80% of my body height; and they're not just lean twigs, they are sturdy, thick if you will.  So when I see these girls, and guys, wearing these disgustingly adorable and appropriate dresses/skirts, I die a little inside because I feel that'll never be me.  When dresses/skirts come above my knees when I sit down I'm convinced I've flashed everyone and will soon be ostracized.

6) Jewelry.  This is only partially true.  I'm not a detail person, so just dressing myself is a feat (ask my roommates); I initially had to force myself to put on make-up because there are so many things to consider and I just didn't want to consider them.  There are times when I feel jewelry is essential to an outfit I'm wearing...but I only have earrings.  Well, that's not true, I have some other stuff in a box...on the other side of the house.  People have such excellent jewelry and I see it all the time, all over the place but I know I would have to wear it every day otherwise I will never wear it again.

7) Those flowy palazzo pants.  I actually do think I could wear those quite nicely, I just have never tried on a pair and haven't any money.  Also, they look uber comfy. Like these.

8) High waisted bottoms.  My afore mentioned amazon legs take up most of my body, leaving me with a tiny, short torso.  I'm fond of my small torso, but high waist things (pants, 2-piece swimsuit bottoms, skirts, etc) make me look like I'm completely made out of limbs.  This is what I look like> o{========

9) Rompers.  I used to be against them for no reason, then I woke up one day and really wanted to wear'em.  The problem is they're often too short for my taste, my super-human legs won't allow such scant coverings.

10) Belt-Bags (formerly known as Fanny-Packs). I, literally, think they are one of the best inventions ever.  I don't like carrying bags, but I still have stuff I need to carry...why not just attach it to your person and move on with your life?  What do people have against belt-bags?!  It's disheartening, I have 2 super cute ones (one from Chile), but I'm scared of the looks I'll get.  Kurt Hummel can do it, isn't that permission enough for everyone else? I literally have this proud

11) Those large spectacles frames.  I actually do wear glasses and I do actually need to go to the eye doctor (it's been a minute), so I have great justification for going.  Functionally, they're superb.  The bigger the lens, the less one has to move their head/eyes to see all around them.  When I have money, I just need to suck it up and go.

Well, folks, that's it.  If you have any ideas/advice on how to be more trendy let me know.

P.S. This post is my favorite of all the lists thus far.  And I thought you'd like to know.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 Things Everyone Should Do in Their Lifetime

I think the world would be a better place if everyone did these things. I realize not everyone has the same resources/accessibility, but still.

1) Flossing/good dental hygiene. Honestly, how could this be a bad thing? Teeth are important, everything that goes on in our mouths is important, so we might as well treat them well.

2) Work in retail and/or food service industry. Once you've done that, you'll 1)like people less (a minor side effect) 2) treat people who work in those positions with more respect. Every person deserves to be treated like a person, like an equal.

3) Figure out your biggest dream and go for it. There's a saying, " Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither."(C.S. Lewis), I've been thinking of a lot lately. I think it applies to most anything. If you aim to just get by, to survive, then you'll live a life that can be called, at best, mediocre. No thrill, no stories, no legacy. If you aim for some goal, that others might even think dumb/unattainable, then in the pursuit of that dream you'll have experienced things that bring you to life. Your time on Earth will seem worth while and not just routine.

4) Teach yourself/learn something new. One of my goals as a teacher is to inspire children to be life long learners and appreciators of music. I know most of them will not be professional musicians, but I want them to always have a deep appreciation and pursuit of good, quality music. That being said: what have you always wanted to learn? archery? ballet? painting? juggling? knitting? harmonica? capoeira? Go learn it, you'll thank yourself.

5) Serve someone else (for free). Don't make a spectacle of yourself while doing it, just do it because they need you to. When my mom did homeless ministry, this lady would come every night and serve hot dogs. No one asked her to come and do this, she saw a need and was able to meet it, so she did. She made a lasting impact on God's Kingdom because she faithfully served animal parts in a casing.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Showing some skin!

It's fascinating how different my face looks to me when I don't wear make-up (foundation) for a few days.  I was doing my nightly skin regimen and noticed how much I like my skin on my face.  Typically, I wear make-up (foundation, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, blush, and sometimes bronzer) most of the week, but I haven't worn foundation since Sunday and have worn no make-up at all a couple times this week.

At first, I think "Ick, my eyes look so tired, there are so many imperfections on my skin, I'm definitely better off with the full gambit on."  But just after a few days of wearing little to no make-up I begin to see my face with a more positive attitude.  My eyes don't look quite so tired and my skin seems to magically clear up, I start seeing my natural beauty again.

I think we are often too critical of our physical selves.  We compare ourselves to these unobtainable airbrushed bodies and faces seen in the media.  We compare our bodies to those of celebrities who have personal trainers and who go on liquid diets every other week.  This comparing we do wires our brain to think there's something wrong with the way we look.   That's not right.

We should look at ourselves, our faces, our bodies, and just accept.  Once we have accepted/tolerated, we should then embrace, and finally love.  It takes time to learn how to truly love your physical body, but I think it's this appreciation for God's design that can determine how happy we are with ourselves and with our Creator.  We're all searching for happiness and happiness is best when it comes from within.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Silly Fad

I've been seeing this fad in which one paints all their fingernails the same color except for their ring fingers.  The ring finger will be a different color, have a design, or both.  Theoretically, I like it.  I have enough polish colors to do this and it's a subtle enough thing where I don't feel foolish, or like I'm "trying", for simply testing it out.  I used to always try new stuff with my nails, like every other nail a certain color or different color dots on each nail, but then my mom made me stop because it was 'pagan' (seriously mom?) and tacky, so I figured it was just unacceptable and out of the question.

So far, I have not been smote so I think I'm good.  I tried it and I don't get it.  It looks so much better on the blogs.  It's not that I don't like it or that it looks ugly, it's just not as great as I had hoped.  Not every fad/trend looks good on everyone, so perhaps this one is just not meant for me.  What a silly fad, I wonder who thought of it and why?  Anyway, here's a picture.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Summer list...not sorry

Today was the last Teacher Workday of the school year for me, so I've had Summer Break on the brain ALL DAY!  I've been compiling a list of things I'm anticipating for this Summer, activities and such.  Here you go:

1) Work.  I need a job.  Since my paycheck from teaching was so low, I wasn't able to really save money to survive for the summer, so I've gotta pick up a another job or two to be able to pay my bills.
2) Play music. Sadly, I have become one of those music teachers who doesn't really play music for their own enjoyment.  I do like making music, but I haven't played an instrument since last year sometime.  I want to play bass clarinet, my principle instrument, and work on guitar.
3) Spanish. I'm taking an online Spanish course and loving it.  I am in love with the language and the Latin American world, so I'm always happy to sit and work on improving my Spanish.  Necesito a practicar por qué cuando vivo en un otro pais puedo comunicarse con la gente.
4) TEFL.  My friend and I are taking a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course together.  We both have a great desire to live and work abroad and this is a great means by which to do so.  Once we're certified to do this, we can go anywhere in the world and teach English.  We start tomorrow and I'm super jazzed.
5) Sleeping in.  Sleeping is one of my favorite pass times.  Hallelujah.
6) Being cool.  During the school year, I always felt like the uncool friend because I had a pretty set bedtime.  I was always like "I know it's only 9:30, but I have to go because I get up at 5:15am tomorrow for work, sorry."  With summer, I can actually hang-out on a weeknight without having to leave mid-fun or suffer the consequences.
7) Gym.  I need to go and I like to go.
8) Movies.  There are a few movies I want to see, I feel like I never see movies in theaters.
9) My room.  I already have the paint purchased and I have the supplies to get it done all I have to do is actually paint.  This is the first time in my life I've actually put real thought into my room so I'm looking forward to realizing my vision.
10) Reading.  I stinkin' love it.  I could sit for hours reading, perhaps I'll visit the library too, although I have a long list of books on my shelf I have yet to get to.
11)  Be unproductive.  Yea, I said it.  It just feels good to not always be thinking of my next move/word/thought/step/whatever.

Well folks, the coolness hasn't sunk in yet, so I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summa summa summa tiiime!

Today, I'm not even feeling mediocre, so I've decided to think about something that makes me happy: Summer.  Summer is my favorite season, this is a list of things I love about Summer.  Hopefully, this list will cheer me up.

1) No school.  I have always (with the exception of a few times) loved school as a student and as a teacher, but I always love the break that comes with school.  It's just nice to be in a different mindset for a couple months.
2) The heat.  I'm someone who is always cold, like wearing-sweatshirts-in-front-of-a-heater cold.  It's nice to walk outside and not feel so unwelcome.
3) The clothes.  While I'm not advocating showing too much skin, I do enjoy a lot of Summer fashions.  I like summer dresses and tops and I love sandals.  The bright colors and lightweight material/fabric make me so happy.
4) The food.  Fresh fruit, refreshing sandwiches, ice cream and frozen yogurt, juice, water, and even salads are just better during the Summer.  Comfort foods change from heavy soups and casseroles to simple and light foods.  For me, it's easier to eat healthily during the summer.
5) My skin.  I just like my skin better, it's browner, I don't have to wear as much make up.
6) My hair.  I already don't like doing my hair; during the Summer, I have an excuse to wash it and then put gel in it and leave it alone, instead of washing, then drying, then straightening, then wrapping it.
7) The time.  Time just seems different, I know the days are actually longer, but I feel like I have endless time.  People seem less stressed.
8) The activities.  Summertime always has such superb events: music in the park, festivals, other fun stuff. Good times.
9) The outside.  Everything is so green and vibrant.  I like color., Summer is saturated with it.

What's your favorite season and why?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Thank God for...long skirts

I don't know if I'm doing it right, but I'm really into the returned fad of long, ankle/floor length skirts.  At first I bought a couple because I wanted a way to get on the floor, criss-cross-apple-sauce (in my day, it was called Indian Styled, but now, and rightfully so, it's more politically correct) with my students without being forced to sit in that uncomfortable side-saddle position when wearing a skirt.  So it was purely functional for work.  Now, I have to force myself not wear one;  I'm up to seven and I obsessively look for more anytime I'm in a clothing store.  I got it bad.

I just really enjoy the versatility of these skirts and I'll often wear them in lieu of pants, more specifically, jeans.  Don't get me wrong, I still am an advocate for jeans, but I'm just not always comfortable in jeans.  The truth is jeans touch me way more than skirts do; jeans have an outside AND inside to the leg area and they provide no grace for my waist/where ever the band falls.  It's nice to put on a skirt and not constantly be remind about the inside and outside of my legs.  Pants are so judgey about your waistline, they nag you when it grows or when it doesn't fit perfectly into it's bossy waistband.  Not cool.

Here's another truth: I have been gaining weight.  It's not on purpose, but it's happening; so when I put on pants it's even more evident to me.  I gain weight in my stomach down, guess where pants and skirts cover up: stomach down.  So I'd rather put a skirt on than pants because a skirt won't take away my mobility because it's so tight.  While I work on my current weight business, I will continue to find ways to avoid wearing pants.

My theory?  If clothes had personalities: pants would be very type A and not very sympathetic, skirts would be very type B and would be sympathetic to the point that they'd do everything in their power to make you look and feel great.  I'd be a skirt's friend.

Just to solidify the excellency of maxi skirts (I hate the word maxi) here's a video of different ways to wear them:

I'm going to attempt

Sometime last year I got lousy at blogging and I've been trying to pick up momentum ever since.  I really like it, and I'm not so busy that I can't sit for 20 minutes once a week to write my thoughts, serious or there's really no excuse.  A friend, who's super good at blogging, suggested that I have a weekly entry of the same type/format.  For example she does a photo of the week which you can check out <<<>>; she said this keeps people reading your blog.  While it's not my goal to be a famous blogger, although I do think famous bloggers are some of the raddest people on the planet, it does feel nice to know that people read your blog.

With all that being said, I have decided to work (really hard) to blog, at the very least, once a week, around midweek.  I think that's a reasonable task for me to ask of myself.  I'm going to start with something very simple: lists.  I don't know if I'm a list person, but I do try to be, it helps keep me organized and makes me feel like a productive person (which I am not).  There are a lot of blog lists and I always enjoy reading them because I enjoy things that're to the point.  So, that is what I'll do, I will have a weekly installment of a list of something and give tiny explanations.

To get started, I'm going to make a list of lists I can do on the blog, 24 for my age, brainstorming if you will.

1) Best professions in the world
2) Favorite foods
3) Places I'd like to visit
4) Websites I frequent
5) Worst professions in the world
6) Silly fears I have
7) Pet peeves
8) Famous people I have crushes on
9) Most embarrassing moments in my life
10) Things I like about myself
11) Fads I like
12) Fads I wish would stop coming back
13) The dumbest/rudest things customers have said
14) Things that make me cry
15) Things that inspire me
16) Things I can't help but laugh at
17) Pictures of puppies/dogs
18) Ridiculous names of students
19) Things that gross me out
20) Bucket list
21) Shows I dig
22) Favorite books
23) Cool party themes
24) Things I wish I knew how to do