Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5 Reasons Why I'd Date Richie Cunningham

Yesterday, I was watching Happy Days and I realized what a catch Richie Cunningham is.  Don't laugh, I'm serious.  Here's what's so great about him.

1) Ginger.  I really like gingers.  I don't only like gingers, but they are pretty great!  Perhaps I just can't see them, but it'd be nice if he had more freckles; I'm into that too.  Now, perhaps to make up for the lack of hair on the top of his head, he has a beard.  And, as we all know, I dig beards, especially ginger ones.

2) Musician. In the show, Happy Days, he plays not just guitar, but also Tenor Saxophone.  I play tenor sax and really love it.  I admire a man who can play instruments other than guitar, especially wind instruments.

3) Sweater Vests.  I really don't know why people have such an aversion to them.  They keep your torso warm and are quite stylish.  With that being said, he wears a lot of them and I like that.  He's pretty stylish with his rolled up pant legs and penny loafers.  Gimme some of that!

4) Intelligent.  I'm not entirely certain if Richie is intelligent, but he seems like it.  He seems like an all American young man.

5) Antics.  His life is filled with such greatness.  There's always an adventure to be had with him and his buddies and he takes it all in stride.

It's simple, he's a great man, I'm into great men.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sign, torture, or nothing

Do you ever have occurrences in life that you wonder how you're supposed to interpret?  Is it a sign from Above?  Is this just some type of mind torture inflicted on you from below? Or is it nothing, just a coincidence?

There's this new guy who works at the frozen yogurt shop at which I work and his name is the same as the guy who I'm trying NOT to have a crush on.  When I first learned his name, I hadn't met him yet and could never remember if he was a girl or a guy because the name's unisex.  But we finally had a shift together and it was solidified that he is, in fact, a man and not a woman.  I didn't think anything of it at first, only that he was attractive and that I liked his beard.  How refreshing, to finally have someone nice to look at at work.  As our shift went on, I noticed how similar his mannerisms are to the guy I'm trying to get over.  He would say something the way Crush would say it, his voice is even similar.  And he would even do stuff in a similar mannerism, he's even tall like Crush.  After we close, we have to do a bunch of stuff, mostly cleaning, before we can leave; it's usually an hour after close that we leave for the night.  My job that night was the toppings bar, when I do the toppings bar I put on music because it's such a monotonous job.  That night's selection was my 'The Avett Brothers Radio' Station on Slacker radio.  When the music started playing he exclaimed how he loved The Avett Brothers and we, including our boss, talked briefly of our love for them.  Okay, I'd say I've sufficiently set this up for you.

Is this a sign?  Do signs exist?  I'm trying hard to stop crushing on Crush and then this man rolls up from the same city Crush went to school and is being all sexy.  I mean, seriously.  I could interpret this as a sign to not give up on/forget Crush.  Perhaps something will transpire in the future with Crush.  This could be a sign of hope.

Am I being tortured?  As I watched this guy carry two tables at once (I literally don't even try to pick up the tables, I just roll'em one at a time), I was remembering Crush and how he would do such manly things and how I can't have him.  So now, here's the guy similar to Crush who's a constant reminder of what I can't have, but almost pine for.  Nothing makes me feel more pathetic.  I'd call this some type of torture.

Is it nothing?  It's probably nothing.  I'm probably reading too much into the situation, it's probably not even a situation.  He's just some guy who works at the frozen yogurt shop who happens to remind me of another guy who has the same name.  Yea, it's nothing.

So, what do you think?  This is NOT  rhetorical question, I really wanna know what you think.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I do love you, I promise!

Can we just talk about something I'm super anxious and terrible at?  Gifts.  I'm super awkward when receiving them, and I'm even worse at giving them.  When I took the Five Love Languages Quiz, I scored 0 (multiple times) on Gifts.  It's not that I don't appreciate when people give me great gifts, I just don't know what the protocol is for when you open/receive it.  Do you tear up?  Do you smile?  Do you hug their neck?  Do you cry?  Do you thank them profusely?  What the heck do you do?!  Just writing about it makes me anxious.

And, OH MAN, when I have to give a gift?  Torture.  For the last third of each year, I fret over what to get my family for Christmas.  I just want them to like my gift!  I'm all about practicality, so I always am drawn to practical gifts.  If I see a person has holes in their socks, I would get them a pack of Hanes socks (which is a gift I would love, although right now I have plenty of socks).  I don't want to get them something they won't use, it would be a waste of my money and would be adding clutter to their life.  But, apparently, a pack of plain socks isn't an appropriate gift, fine.

I have even considered not going to parties/shower of dear friends because there'll be gifts involved and I get nervous that everyone will compare my gift to their super awesome one.  I'd rather give it them in private.

I'm not even good with the presentation of the gift.  I don't understand the tissue paper, it seems like it's not the best for the environment, so I never have any in the gifts I give.  I'm one of the worst gift wrappers you will ever meet.  Seriously, I'm always embarrassed when I have to wrap stuff and give it to people (besides my family, who understands my incapability of wrapping) because I'm convinced they're gonna make fun of it.  I actually avoid wrapping at all costs and am quick to toss the gift in a gift bag sans tissue paper.  And what about those cards?  I don't think the environment thanks us for those either.  I can't stand cards, I like what's in them, but I will not keep them.  So don't be offended if you see your card to me in the trash/recycling; I read it, then I recycled it.

I even suck at gift registries, especially baby ones.  How the heck am I supposed to find such specific brand/size/shape/whatever of bottle nipples when there are aisles upon aisles of those dumb things?!  I'm not a mom and I've never been married, so I don't know how to buy baby and marriage paraphernalia.

All I'm say is:  if I get you a terrible gift/no card/no gift, please don't think I hate you.  I do love you, I'm just not very good at expressing it through gifts.  And if you give me a gift (especially out of the blue...actually don't do that), please look the other way at my inappropriate response; I appreciate the thought, I just don't know how to respond.  I do love you, I promise.

Monday, August 6, 2012

5 people/groups I'd like to live in my neighborhood, Olympics edition

I've got pretty nice neighbors, but they're not Olympians.  Olympians, by default, are better.  And, holy cow, do we have some attractive Olympians.  On that note, here's which US Olympians should move into my neighborhood, specifically on our street.

1) Men's Indoor volleyball. I've never noticed until today that all of them are just nice to look at.  Plus, volleyball is such a great, high morale, sport, I'm certain all the men on the team are super nice and encouraging.

2) Men's Diving.  I'm not entirely sure about the science behind their bikini bottoms, but if that's what's required then who am I to fight it?  These guys combine gymnastics with water sport.  Those are two things I wish I could do.  Okay, I actually don't mind that I can't do these things, but still.  I didn't know synchronized diving was in the Olympics until this year, but now I love watching it.  They have such fancy moves.

3) Men's Swimming.  I don't know what it is about water sports, but I am mesmerized by them.  Perhaps it's because I can't even float; yea, that's it.  Swimming just amazes me.  They go so fast and they breathe and they can see underwater.

(side note: I went to high school, had classes, and graduated with Ricky Berens on the right)

4) Men's Polo.  Again, these men wear what they have to to be the best they can be, who am I to judge. This is actually my first year watching and kinda following men's and women's water polo; I didn't know it was in the Olympics before.  It looks really hard!  They're treading water/swimming the whole time and doing underwater fighting all while playing with the ball.  Seriously under-appreciated.

5) Women's Judo. This one may seem kinda random, but she actually has an intense story involving being sexually abused by a former coach.  Now, she has won the US it's first Olympic Gold in Judo and is changing lives through her story of triumph.  I think we'd be friends and if anyone tried to hurt any of our neighbors, she'd whoop their trasero into Rio De Janeiro. Get it girl!

In case you're wondering where these fine specimens of USA would train, no worries, we have a number of YMCA's in Cabarrus County as well as Charlotte.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Basement Life

This is a blog post by some lady I don't know in regards to all this Chic-fil-a business.  It, basically, says everything I'm feeling but better than I could ever say it.  I don't have much else to say about it, but this:

People who believe homosexuality is a sin aren't all the same.  They all are not those Westboro people whose business is hating everyone and everything but themselves and their ideal of a Hateful God.  They all are not those people who feel the need to inform you of their every visit to Chic-fil-a. They all are not the people who cause physical harm to homosexual people carving them or beating them.  People who believe homosexuality is wrong are not all the same.

People who believe homosexuality is not a sin aren't all the same.  They all are not homosexual people who want the same rights as their fellow citizens of the world.  They all are not 'bleeding hearted' people who feel so much sympathy for every marginalized people group.  They all are not politicians trying to win votes.  People who believe homosexuality is okay are not all the same.

And people who are on the fence or who are a combination of the above aren't all the same.

You know what?  When it all boils down to it, we are all PEOPLE.  Each one of us is different and that's okay.  We are all entitled to our own opinions/feelings/ideas but we are not entitled to make anyone feel any less than human or less part of the human race.  So have your opinion, but do remember that what you choose to do with your opinion can effect and affect on others.  Don't screw that up.

July doesn't have 32 days

Oops, I've been meaning to do this post all July, but kept forgetting.  Anyway, July is my Christian birthday month.  Last year I wrote out my testimony and am re-posting it to note my 11th year being a Christian.  Also, here's how I'm doing now in my walk with the Lord.

5 Things I Want to Make From Scratch

There's something quite rewarding about making food from scratch; to me, it makes it taste better.  I already know to make a few things and a couple days ago I finally made biscuits that turned out nice and fluffy; before, I hadn't been putting enough baking powder in there, so they were dense and gross.  So here's a list of things I intend to learn to make from scratch, I'd like to have a well rounded repertoire.

1) Falafel.  I love me some falafel.  It is so good and not terrible for you.  It would be so great to just have a hankering for it one day and instead of going out and looking for some, I just bust out some garbanzo beans and BOOM! make it happen.
2) Pie and Cobbler. I love pie and cobbler, so good.  I like pretending that it's good for me because of the fruit.  I would like to learn to make a pie from scratch by preparing the fruit and the crust instead of using store bought fruit filling and pre-made crust.
3) Quiche.  I'm still not entirely sure what it is, but I've had some really good mini-quiches.  I really like eggs and I think you can put pretty much whatever you want in it; so I'm all about putting different goodies in eggs.
4) Scones.  They're basically fancy biscuits.  I'd like to make lemon-poppy seed, chocolate chip, and orange ones.
5) Marinara Sauce.  I'd like to start with some whole tomatoes and end with pasta sauce.

Well, there you have it.  I'm into food and I'm into good food.  I'd like to make good food.