Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shows that Ended too Soon

I might have an affinity for television shows that don't make it very far.  Some make it just one season and others two, but they never have as much success as others out there.  Here are some shows that need to come back...for me.

1) Bomb Girls.  This show, I discovered on Netflix a couple weeks ago, takes place in the 1940's in Ontario, Canada.  It's centered around the lives of (mostly) women workers at a bomb factory.  This was a time in history when women were beginning to work outside the house, during the Second World War, in more areas than just teaching and administrative tasks.  This show is wonderful because it shows feminism in the baby stages of realization.  Watching this show makes me quite grateful that I didn't live in the '40's, even in Canada where racism wasn't built into the government.  The shit women had to put up with from men was endless and absurd.  Unfortunately, the show only lasted two seasons, but I'm pretty sure I'll be watching them again.

2) Pushing Daisies.  I can't tell you how many times I've watched the two seasons.  This charming story is about a pie maker who has a special, and dangerous, gift of bringing things back from the dead.  He uses this gift to solve murders by bringing the victim back from the dead to ask who killed them.  He brings his childhood sweetheart back and they have to live life together while never touching because she'll go back to being dead again.  It's a fast talking, sweet show.

3) Happy Endings.  I took this hysterical show for granted when it was on the air.  It was described as 'It's like Friends only with a black guy!', or something like that.  They lied, it's nothing like friends, it's actually funny.  Happy Endings was a great show because they made each friend out of the six share the spotlight equally.  Each character was well developed.  Most comic sitcoms that have the 'token black guy' give him an underdeveloped role, he often provides the comic relief by saying something outrageous or doing something silly that helps with a main character (See: every episode of New Girl, Ben and Kate, Friends With Benefits ever).  But this show has Damon Wayans Jr.'s character with his own emotions and story that integrates fully into the other characters' lives.  If his character, Brad Williams, was to leave the show, he would not be easily replaced.  I would really like for this show to be given a second chance, also I want it to be on Netflix.  Please and Thank you.

4) Ben & Kate.  I'm not even sure if this show made it a full season, but it was unique.  A young, single mother whose older, irresponsible brother moves in isn't (that I know of) a show that's been done before.  The show chronicles the dating and work life of the mom and the misadventures of her brother with his trusty 'token black guy' friend while being funny and unconventional.

5) Up All Night.  As described in the imdb paragraph it irreverently looks at raising a human child.  It had great casting, with hysterical Maya Rudolph (one of the funniest women alive), multi-talented Christina Applegate, always funny Will Arnett.  The show made it just two seasons, but it could have really gone on for 18 more years, until that baby went to college.

6) Flight of the Conchords.  This is another show I have watched its two seasons countless times.  It seamlessly incorporates dry humor and great music and that is a dream!  Two New Zealander (I think that's right) men are in NY trying to become big name musicians all while learning how to live in this strange place.  It is in my top five favorite shows ever and I reference one of their songs on a daily basis.

What shows do you want to make a comeback, perhaps like the amazing show Arrested Development?

Vegetables and Fruits I Wish I Liked

I'm a vegetarian, a lacto-ovo vegetarian (I eat dairy: eggs, milk, yogurt, etc) to be exact, and I love it more and more each day.  I have very strong feelings about being vegetarian including what types of (typically processed) foods I will and won't eat; this means I read the ingredients for EVERYTHING I eat.  I'm that vegetarian who asks details about how the food is cooked and what ingredients were used to prepare this food.  Do you cook the eggs on the same surface that you cook the bacon/sausage?  Is there meat stock in these mashed potatoes/this soup/this rice/this whatever?  Do you use the same utensils for your meats and non-meats?  Is there meat in the vegetable soup?  (That, by far, is the most infuriating question to ask, but I've learned that people will call it vegetable soup and will leave off the beef part; let's be clear, that is BEEF soup with vegetables.  Dummies.)  People have these stereotypes about vegetarians' likes and dislikes that don't apply to many, including me.  I find that a lot of people assume I like all vegetables since I'm a vegetarian, this couldn't be further from the truth.  Here's a list of veggies and fruits I wish I liked, all of them I've tried liking my whole life to no avail:

1) Mango.  They, like most others, just don't taste good to me.  They look delicious to me, so juicy and bright, but every time I have ever tried a mango (even fresh from the tree) I haven't liked it.

3) Zucchini.  These are used a lot in vegetarian things and I'll go through to casserole and pick'em out or just forego eating it all together.  The texture weirds me out and the taste just isn't okay.

4) Pineapple.  This just seems like a cool fruit to eat, but between the texture and the too sweet (and strange) taste, I just can't.  When I was in Costa Rica the hostel we stayed in provided breakfast of pancakes and fresh pineapple every morning and I would always abstain from the pineapple because it teased my gag reflex.

5) Eggplant.  This, for a while, seemed like a staple for the vegetarian option when at banquets/wedding receptions.  I would only ever eat the noodles from the eggplant parmasen.  I liken eggplant to zucchini, unacceptable texture and taste.

6) Coconut.  Again, what a cool fruit.  I actually use the oil on my hair and have a lotion that's made of (fair trade) coconut oil and coconut water.  I am pro-coconut until I have to eat it.  I get a similar feeling when I eat coconut as I do with pineapple.

7) Mushroom.  I debated whether or not to put this on this list because I'm on the fence about them.  I'm not comfortable with everyone just letting this fungus be called a vegetable, I don't think we should let that slide.  The fungus part creeps me out and the under part where the spores come out creep me out, they look like fish gills.  Gross.  Also, people are always like 'oh it doesn't taste like anything' to which I think 'then why have them if they're not contributing?'  Also, I do taste them and I don't like the texture or taste.  But I would like to be open-minded about mushrooms, because they seem harmless and lonely as the only fungus eaten purposefully.

8) Orange. I don't completely dislike oranges, but I certainly don't like eating them, I'd much rather drink them.  It's the texture mostly.  Also, they seem like a dumb, over-glorified fruit.

9) Pumpkin.  The only reason I want to like it is because it opens up my food choices during Fall.  Because people, every Autumn, rediscover pumpkin and then EVERYTHING has it.  I really wish everyone would just calm the heck down and stop worshiping this dumb squash.  I don't like the looks of pumpkin, the smell makes me gag, and the taste is an assault to my mouth.  It's really overrated and it's one of the reasons I don't like Fall.

10) Plantain.  Gosh, I try so hard to like them, but they are not good to me unless they're in chip form with lime.  I've tried them cooked to be savory, I've tried them with sugar and cinnamon and every time I don't like them.  Plantains are a part of the typical Costa Rican meal and I tried them every time and every time I gave'em away.

What fruits and veggies do you with you liked?

Friday, October 11, 2013

One thing a friend should tell a friend before they become friends

I don't know if there is an exact moment when you know you're going to be friends with someone.  Surely, some friendships start off with certainty, but others just sneak up and surprise YOU'RE FRIENDS!  But wouldn't it be great if you knew some things about your relationship before you all invested in this person as your friend?!

I'm 25, so that means most people my age are either dating seriously/engaged/married, that's pretty normal.  I'm not in a relationship, and I really like it that way, but it doesn't mean that I'm not surrounded by romantic relationships.  It's unavoidable, really.  As a single person, but mostly just a person who has feelings, I would like to know some things about a person before I enter into a friendship with them.  I want to know how they're going to be when they are dating/engaged/married.

Something I've noticed about some, not all, people when they get married is that they become an island.  I actually had a friend tell me a week or so ago that when they're married, they won't need anyone else, they'll be good with just their husband.  Or the friend who had to get off the phone because her husband would be home soon, but she'd call be right, but never did.  They are suddenly incapable of existing/functioning without their spouse.  They can't go out to eat with friends because they are married.  They can't go to the beach with friends because they are married.  They can't do friend things because they are married.  I know that they're spouse trumps all, but they're going to spend the rest of their lives together, I don't think lunch apart will hurt anything.

I'd like to also know whether they will start acting with entitlement once in a relationship, so I can avoid them.  Suddenly, their opinion matters more.  Their stuff takes precedent over others' stuff.  Their time matters more than others'.  A person isn't better because they're in a relationship, they're just in a relationship.

I'm happy for people who are in healthy relationships because that's something a lot of people deeply desire.  I want people to have things they desire and I would hope people want that for me.  But if someone is going to go all 'entitled island' on me when they're in a relationship, then will they please let me know?!  I'd literally rather not even start a friendship, than to have you snatch up our friendship once you've found someone to pour your hopes and dreams into.  It hurts, it deeply hurts and baffles me.  Just because you expect your partner to fulfill all your needs and wants, doesn't mean I still don't have needs and wants that I'd like to share with you.  Just because your purpose has shifted to being this person's partner, doesn't mean that my purpose has shifted.  Just because the sun and moon rise and set because of this person, doesn't me that my world has really changed.  Just because you now need no one else but your partner (which, might I add, is a lot of pressure to put on one human being), doesn't mean that I don't need you.

So what am I saying?  I guess I'm saying that if I'm just a time filler for you while you wait for your partner to come along, then please don't befriend me.  That may seem harsh or drastic, but I really mean it.  What about those great times we had when we were both single, were those for naught?  To me, the single one, no, but to you, apparently yes.  I expect things to be different for us because you're in a relationship, but different doesn't mean disloyalty to our friendship.  All I'm asking is, in an effort to be a great partner/spouse, don't become a terrible friend.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Problem With Personality

I have a personality.  Well, everyone does; but each of us has their own cocktail of personality traits.  Some of the traits in my personality cocktail include, but are certainly not limited to: intense, blunt, self-aware, compassionate.  These are things about me that will never change, and that's okay.  I believe that each of us should come to terms with our cocktail.  Do I believe that people should always be growing and changing as a person?  ABSOLUTELY.  But I also believe that we shouldn't try to tamper too much with our personality cocktail.

There are some personality traits I have that I like about myself.  But there are others that can make it difficult or awkward when interacting with other people or myself.  I'm 25 and I still, most times, feel inept in proper interaction with people.  I feel like I speak too quickly, or my tone is harsh, or seem to have a bitchy undertone, I talk in circles, I say things I wish I could take back (I'm quite the external processor), I always feel misunderstood, in an effort to not hurt the other person's feelings I get all frantic in my head trying to censor what I say that I typically don't say what I want or truly feel.  It's really quite exhausting to be in my head.  Like, laying in bed at night trying to shut down my brain so I won't re-reanalyze everything that went down and was said and thought and felt from every part of the day (waken and sleeping, because I think a lot about my dreams, which are typically intense and not too happy) kind of exhausting.  Can you see how fun it would be to spend a day in my brain?!

Recently I was enjoying breakfast and conversation with a woman whom I admire deeply and look up to a great deal and she hit the nail right on the head.  Meta-cognition.  That word had been throbbing in my head the couple days before our date but it got trampled over by my other thoughts.  But she said that I think too much about my thinking.  Which is what meta-cognition is: thinking about one's thinking.  To some extent I knew that I engaged in meta-cognition probably more than what was healthy/normal, but I didn't take the time to think about it because I was too busy thinking.  Vicious cycle.  She said that I needed to find a way to let it all out.  Being an external processor who doesn't externally processes all the cognition and meta-cognition isn't healthy, or enjoyable.  And it's true.  I often don't enjoy my thoughts, not because they are bad, but because it can't just stop there.  I, almost compulsively, think about/analyze those thoughts.  I really don't know if I can stop, but it sure would be nice to know what it's like to completely clear one's mind.  Anyway, she invited me to journal, not the way I used to (to talk to God), but to journal as a means to process my thoughts.  All of them.  Stream of consciousness.  I tried it, and I didn't not like it, but I can only write with one hand and I'm not able to write down all the different thoughts I'm thinking at once, so it was a little frustrating because I had to force my brain to slow down and pick a stream.  It was hard.  But it has inspired me to find a proper outlet for my thoughts/creativity.  I don't know what it's going to be, I honestly don't feel that I'm good at a lot of things, so I don't know what my options are.  It's something that's a work in progress.  I'm someone who's a work in progress.

I really don't know where I'm going with this blog post.

I think I'm going here: we all have different, unchangeable things about ourselves, things we'll be stuck with for the rest of our existence in this life, but instead of letting them cripple you, embrace them and use them as a tool to make others' and your life better.  I'm still working on that.  I'm still thinking about that.