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Weekly Obsession, June 24, 2014

Hey y'all, this week's obsession is pretty big and generic, The Internet.  I am in the process of applying for jobs in hopes of finding a new career.  I'm am so grateful for the internet because I don't have to drive from place to place asking if they're hiring, showing off my terrible penmanship on applications.  My dad gave me the idea to look on Craigslist for jobs and that's been pretty great.  I mean, I still have to sift through some shady stuff, but I've gotten a call back from one of the places that I saw was hiring, so Craigslist has reached a new legitimacy for me.  I made it my goal to apply for three jobs a day, but that hasn't gone as planned, yet I definitely am deliberately looking each day.

(I typed 'the internet' into Google and this was one of the first images that came up, sooo...)
"So how has the job search been going, Coléa?" Well, thanks for asking!  Not bad, I guess.  I was just saying this weekend how I can'…

Weekly Obsession, June 17, 2014

Hey y'all!  This week's obsession is brought to you by MUSIC!  I have been listening to this musician every chance I've gotten for the past week.  And I want more!!!
Sam Smith is his name and his voice is heavenly.  He's got this delightful voice that has the audacity to go high (I love when men can sing in a high range well), yet he has a soulful robustness to his voice.  I first saw him perform some weeks ago on SNL and afterwards had chills.  Most of his songs are about longing, love, and heartbreak; so, you know, really cheery stuff.  But so real to me.

I hope to hear more from him and absolutely more variety.  Perhaps some more upbeat, happy stuff.

SURPRISE!!!  You get a whole other weekly obsession!
ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished the second season last week and have started watching from the beginning (Season 1) with my roommate who's never seen it.  I am constantly moved by …

Weekly Obsession, June 10, 2014

This week's obsession, Peroxide, has a kinda gross story attached to it.
Last Wednesday I woke up late, I either didn't hear my alarm or it didn't go off.  I suspect the former.  I also woke up not being able to hear out of my right ear.  This is not the first time this has happened, in fact it's quite common, so I did what I always do.  I giggled my ear.  But to no avail.  So this is it, I thought, I just can't hear out of this ear.  I went to work and struggled the whole time to even feel like I was in the room with my students and finally told a coworker about my ear.  She suggested I go to the drug store and get earwax removal drops.  I left work early, because I was basically useless and had nothing to do, and went straight (after going to two Harris Teeters without pharmacies, which I didn't know existed) to the pharmacy counter of Rite Aid.  I told her my predicament and she gave me great instruction on how to use the earwax removal kit.
I eagerly got h…

Weekly Obsession, June 3, 2014

I've decided to write a weekly blog about something I'm 'obsessed' with.  There's a vlog I enjoy, Superfruit, on which they talk about random things, but they always share their weekly obsessions.  It's kinda fun and goes well with my somewhat obsessive personality; so I'm gonna do it.
This week's object of my obsession are these pants!  I bought them (even though I shouldn't have) on sale at Marshall's and I love them. They have an elastic waistband (which enables me to eat more without discomfort) and elastic at the ankles because that's the style now; all with a fun print of light brown and black.  I dig pretty much all clothing that has geometric patterns so I'm glad they're in fashion.  I wore it with a plain black shirt, strappy black sandals, and a red lip!  My only two complaints are: 1) the pockets are really shallow (which is a vice by The Man to keep women being able to put their full hands in their own pockets) and 2) wh…