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What women want...well, the general population

So I've had plenty of men/boys ask me 'what do girls want?', so I'm going to tell you.  Please note that I am not capable of speaking for the population of women in it's entirety, but I do speak to a lot of women (and I am one).  So here's a list of some advice/tips to get the girl of your dreams, or at least a date.

1)Ask her out, if you don't know if she's digging on you, you'll find out when you ask her out and go on a date.  Don't go around asking her friends and her mama whether she likes you, she knows the answer so give her enough credit to tell you herself.
2)Call it a date in the beginning, don't say 'let's get lunch...okay, great, it's a date'  NO!  It's is not a date because you didn't say 'Will you go on a date with me?' or 'I'd like to take you out on a date.'  Don't be sneaky by doing that or calling it a "friend date".
3)Don't be destroyed if she says 'no'. In …