Thursday, May 17, 2012

What women want...well, the general population

So I've had plenty of men/boys ask me 'what do girls want?', so I'm going to tell you.  Please note that I am not capable of speaking for the population of women in it's entirety, but I do speak to a lot of women (and I am one).  So here's a list of some advice/tips to get the girl of your dreams, or at least a date.

1) Ask her out, if you don't know if she's digging on you, you'll find out when you ask her out and go on a date.  Don't go around asking her friends and her mama whether she likes you, she knows the answer so give her enough credit to tell you herself.
2) Call it a date in the beginning, don't say 'let's get lunch...okay, great, it's a date'  NO!  It's is not a date because you didn't say 'Will you go on a date with me?' or 'I'd like to take you out on a date.'  Don't be sneaky by doing that or calling it a "friend date".
3) Don't be destroyed if she says 'no'. In the rare case that she says 'no', she's not trying to hurt your feelings, she's just not interested for whatever reason.  I, honestly, wouldn't even take it personally.
4) Do take her to a nice place. Say no to fast food, say yes to a nice sit down restaurant.
5) Plan the date, but don't overwhelm her. If it's the first date, it's a great idea to plan a date in which you show off how creative you are with the date.  But if you wanna do all her favorite things in one day (especially on the first day), you'll likely scare her away.
6) Do be chivalrous.  Ladies dig it.
7) Please don't wear too much cologne. Feeling like I'm being suffocated does not make me want to be near you.  Not sexy.
8) Don't show off how much money you're spending.  If you're paying for something with a $100 bill, don't mention it or flash it in front of my face. (true life event)
9) Be a good conversationalist. Don't answer questions with 'yup', because then we  have nothing to carry the conversation on.  You're an adult, use complete sentences and engage the other human being in the conversation.
10) DEFINE THE RELATIONSHIP!!!  Are we dating? boyfriend/girlfriend? just friends? do you hate me?  Women like to know what the label is, but we're often too apprehensive to ask because we don't want to seem needy or insecure or like we're rushing things.  But, seriously, we're into that affirmation of what this thing is we're doing.
11)  And finally, make us feel special.  Like this: