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Weekly Obsession, July 29, 2014

Hey y'all so it's actually been two weeks since my last blog entry, I was out of town last Tuesday and didn't have my computer.  Anyway this week's obsession is CAKE!!!  I love it and literally crave it   at least five days of the week.  This past week I have had some great cakes and I want to tell you the simple story behind each slice(s).
Last week I went to Greensboro to visit some friends.  On Tuesday evening I went out to eat at this amazing Indian restaurant with a friend who treated me to dinner and dessert.  After dinner she took me to this cake boutique, Maxie B's, and her and I got her favorite cake.  The Brownstone Front Cake.  It's light chocolate cake with caramel icing and a hint of brown sugar and it is exquisite.  I couldn't believe I had lived in Greensboro for five years and had never even heard of this place!  But now I know and now I will likely go anytime I visit Greensboro.
(pic from their website)
Last Wednesday I spent a little (not…

Weekly Obsession, July 19, 2014

Last night I saw Porgy and Besswith one of my best friends at the Belk Theater!  I grew up playing the music- Summertime, Bess, You Is My Woman Now, It Ain't Necessarily So-  and saw the opera for the first time in college for its 75th anniversary at Aycock Auditorium at UNCG, my Alma Mater.  I didn't think I'd cry because I've seen the opera, but I was holding back tears the whole time and the waterworks came at the end.  Ugly crying.  I'm so grateful to have been able to see this opera; it's so special to me.

Weekly Obsession, July 8, 2014

My weekly obsession is a favorite Tumblr (<that's my account, not the favorite one)account I follow.  A quick explanation of tumblr: it's a blog, but instead of just sharing written posts you can share your own and others pictures, links, thoughts, gifs, what have you.  I follow over 100 blogs that range from spoken word, recipes, (lots of) feminism, and White People Said What?

I don't even know how I found this blog, likely through some other one I follow, but it has quickly risen to the top as a favorite. Its description/bio reads: "This is a safe space for PoC to talk about our everyday experiences on racism in the many forms from blatant offenses to micro-aggressions. This is a space only for PoC. Not white people. Do not send in anything if you are white, this space is dedicated to us and only us." At first I wasn't sure how much I liked the honesty of this blog (I kinda thought 'Oooh, you can't say that'), because it isn't common (at l…

Weekly Obsession, July 2, 2014

Hey y'all, so I'm a day late, but it's my blog so I can do whatever I want.  Anyway, breakfast is this week's obsession.
Y'all breakfast is my favorite.  The possibilities are endless!  Eggs, fruit, pancakes, waffles, burritos, veggies, coffee, tea, water, biscuits...whatever the hell you want is game for breakfast.  Breakfast, to me is the most diverse meal and I enjoy it deeply.  The past couple of weeks I have been (more than normal) craving pancakes for breakfast, so I bought some pancake mix (because I was too lazy to buy the three ingredients it takes to make pancakes individually) and made pancakes.  This Sunday I made banana pancakes with cinnamon and nutmeg and they are splendid!
Every Wednesday there's this thing called Atherton Breakfast Club (search the hashtag on Instagram) in which these two guys make breakfast on a griddle and people come eat said breakfast.  Last week was my first time going and I had a great time eating and spending time with …