Friday, November 22, 2013

If I Was a Rich Girl

I'm not rich by US standards, and the likelihood of me ever being rich is pretty slim; but sometimes I get displeased with something and decide that if I'm ever rich I'll remedy what displeases me by using my money.  Here are some things I'd remedy if I was ever rich.

1) Pants. I went to Target today just for some mouthwash and swung by the clothes section (a constant mistake of mine) to check out the jeans.  Currently, I have about 4 pairs of jeans and 2-3 are getting pretty worn looking and/don't fit properly because they've been worn so often, so I've decided to replace them.  I found my "fit" jeans and tried on my size, too small.  I figure the next size up should do it, too small and too large.  What?!  The sad thing is, this isn't unusual.  Pants will fit in the legs-butt-hips but will be entirely (and noticeably) too big in the waist.  Or some other combination.  So I've decided (dreamed) that when (which is never) I'm rich, I will have pants made for me.  I will no longer have to compromise on fit: too long, too short, too tight, fits weird.

2) Shoes. I love'em but my feet were not made with shoes in mind.  I have a tiny heel, so my feet are pretty triangular (thanks Daddy).  All of my shoes, no matter what type, my heel slips out of.  It makes wearing high heel shoes difficult because I'm always slipping out of them and this causes me to stumble.  I would have freaking fashionable shoes that didn't pinch or slip off if only I had the resources.

3) Charity.  There are a number of organizations/causes/charities I want to monetarily contribute to, I just don't have the means to.  I don't believe money is simply for oneself, I think that whatever money/resources we have, we should use to help others.  Not just ourselves.

(get it?)

4) Fitness.  There are a ton of group fitness/well-being classes I would be all over if 1)my gym offered them and 2)costs less money (like around $0).  Yoga (all of them), Pilates, bar classes.  I'd eat that stuff up.

5) Travel.  If you know me at all, you know this is a no brainer.  Not that here isn't great, but there's a there to be explored.  I've had such a wanderlust since I knew there were other places in the world who live differently.  If I had the means I would be a blissful globetrotter.

(get it?)

What would you do/have if you had the monetary means?