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The 'F' Word

One of my roommates and I were discussing something and disagreed about the issue; I then tweeted "Woke up in afeminist state of mind."  A different roommate asked me about the tweet and asked if I was angry; I shared, briefly, and expressed how I wasn't angry, just a feminist.
If you haven't figured it out by now, the 'F' word is FEMINISM.
Ever since I first heard that word, feminism, I've avoided it.  I never wanted to be associated with that word.  It has all sorts of negative connotations attached to it.  I didn't want to be associated with the feminists who, apparently, burn their bras (which, from my understanding, only happened once and people never shut-up about it)...I don't mind wearing bras, so why would I ruin one?  I didn't want to be thought of as someone who just walks around angry, with a chip on their shoulder.  I shave my legs and armpits and I'm not ugly; so I must not be a feminist.  I grew up hearing all these stereot…

So, basically, my life should be a reality show.

I live in a house with four other women.  I know what you're thinking, that sounds hazardous and ridiculous...well, it's not.  The women I live with are sensational and unique, and I am amongst them.  I am so blessed to be a part of each of their lives, they make my life better and I hope I do the same for them.

Alright, enough of the mushy stuff.  We have AMAZING times together; like, really funny times, or really productive times, or really serious get it, we have lots of times.  Sometimes we joke about how we should have a reality show because we're so excellent; so here's the case for our reality show:

1) Looks.  We're all exceedingly attractive.  People like looking at aesthetically pleasing people, that we all are.  We all look very different so variety is a plus.

2) Magazines>>> Conversations.  We have a lot of them.  They provide endless hilarious conversations.  Conversations about: men, fashion, copy machines (that actually wasn'…

The 9 Things Children Should Know Upon Entering Kindergarten

It's been about four weeks since the beginning of the school year.  I teach grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade and see a lot of different functioning children (high functioning to low functioning) throughout each grade level.  The single most frustrating grade to teach is Kindergarten, they don't know anything.  It's normal for them to not know anything; for the most part, many of them have never been in a school setting.  I guess Pre-Kindergarten and More-At-Four and Head Start aren't required?  They should be.  Anyway, at school we come across a lot of kindergartners who are helpless; not only is that inconvenient  to us who teach them, it's dangerous for the students as well.  Here's a list of things I (and others) believe Kindergartners should come to their first day of school knowing.  Please and Thank you.
1) Their Full Name.  I know what you're thinking, of course they know their name.  WRONG!  Many kids only know what their parent's call t…


A couple months ago I watched a movie called TiMER.  It's a science-fiction romantic-comedy in which there's a little device people can get attached to their wrist that counts down to when they'll meet their soul mate.  When they get it installed, the timer will show X-years:X-months:X-days until they are to meet their match.  On the day you're to meet your soul mate, it notifies you and then when you meet them it alerts you.  Interesting, huh?

As I was watching this movie, I kept thinking what a grand, dangerous, wonderful, powerful, useful tool this timer is.  Wouldn't it be great?  No longer would we have to have to date around and waste our time on petty relationships.  We could skip heartbreaks and break-ups.  The waiting we do for Mr./Mrs. Right wouldn't be seemingly in vain because we'd know that in just 1.5 years or a few more months we'd meet the one.  It'd save us a lot of time.
But would I get that timer?  Some days I say 'yes', …

9 Websites I Frequent

I'm not an avid computer and internet user, in fact, I'm not very good at most technology.  I'm cool with that.  I do, however, know how to type, also I know how to explore certain sites.  Here's a list of the sites I frequent most, in no particular order.

1) Facebook.  Duh

2) Twitter. At first I was weirded out by Twitter, I didn't get the appeal of people knowing what's happening with you every moment of everyday.  But decided to try it and now I really like it.  It's helped me stay informed on somethings; plus, I have lots of thoughts and feelings that Twitter just needs to

3) HelloGiggles. I really dig this site because it has a variety of fun, interesting, upbeat things.  It's also founded by one of my favorite celebrities, Zooey Deschanel.  It has info on fashion, pictures of cute animals, blog entries from just normal people, talks about pop culture, and other stuff.

4) YouTube.  I mean, it's YouTube.

5) My Friends Are Married.  …

Can we discuss men?

I've liked boys since the first day of kindergarten.  Seriously, on the first day I go to after-school and this girl (who soon became my best friend) points to this boy and says 'isn't he cute'...that was the day I started liking boys.  Growing up, there were some times when I didn't really care for boys...nah, just kidding.  Now, I am a woman and I like men; now, I no longer have a this naive fascination with guys, I flat out enjoy looking at them.

It's humorous to me this attraction I have to men.  I enjoy great beards and hair. I enjoy their masculinity, their strengths and weaknesses.  Men are great.

That's all.

8 Things I Really Want to Do/Be Good at

I just really love to learn, like, seriously.  There are so many things I'd like to be good at by taking classes/courses.  I think constantly of all the things I would love to do.  Here are some of them:
1)Yoga.  In University, I went to a lot of yoga classes at our student recreation center and loved it.  It's so relaxing and obviously very good for you.  I'd love to be able to experiment with different types of yoga, bikram yoga (hot yoga) is something I've been wanting to try for a couple years now.  I used to love stretching in the sauna and I imagine bikram is similar to that (but more intense).
2)Contemporary Dance.  Every week I faithfully watch So You Think You Can Dance, my ABSOLUTE favorite show ever. I've always loved dancing and have wanted to have more training.  I would be thrilled at the opportunity to take a contemporary or ballet dance class.  I'm actually looking for classes in the area, so let me know if you know anything.
3)Spanish.  Ever s…

3 Reasons Scary Movies are a Bad Idea

Next month is October, which is scary movie month.  I hate scary movies, this is why.

1) Being scared is NOT fun.  Why would I voluntarily be scared?  Why is that fun?  Some of that stuff from movies (psychopath killers, gross bug/animal infestations, angels & demons) are real, why are we making that stuff into entertainment?!

2) It gives people ideas.  There are like 11 Saw movies, how does the writer keep thinking of ways to kill people?  What's wrong with him/her and are they getting counseling?  Why are they putting ideas of how to torture and kill people into view others' head?  Is that the best idea? NO.

3) I'm a big chicken.  I don't like scary things.  I've been very fearful of anything that's supposed to be scary/creepy/disturbing my whole life.  I just don't get the thrill that others get from temporarily getting immersed in a world where their terror at every corner.

I know that scary movies will likely never cease to exist, but could the co…

3 Reasons Why Showering is Overrated

I didn't grow up close to a lot of girls, I didn't have sisters, so I don't know what's the norm for girls, but I do know that all my brothers and male cousins went through a phase when they didn't want to shower.  One cousin would literally cut the shower on and stand in the corner of the tub to avoid getting wet until he thought he had been in there for a sufficient amount of time.  I didn't go through that phase, but I'm going through it now.  Before you scoff in disgust, I shower multiple times a week, so stop judging.
I think it all begins when puberty hits.  The body is oozing with hormones to the point that they literally can't sit up straight.  As a result of all the hormones the body reeks of B.O. (body odor) to the point where you could marinate it in frankincense and myrrh and cover it in baby powder and it still stink.  THAT is when the habit of constant showering begins.
But, now, we no longer stink just from existing, so why do we still s…