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On learning to not feel like a monster

I'm not really sure how to start this blog post.  Should I start with a couple stories?  Or how about an explanation of my personality?  No?  How about I just jump right in?  This is a really personal post, a stab at vulnerability, but I've been mulling over it since I've started exploring this part of myself.  And in speaking with loved ones, I've discovered that I'm not alone.  Just today I was having lunch with a friend who empathized with me, but who has also found the strength that I've only yet to start exploring.  I hope this post proves beneficial to others, because, yes, I have found others who can identify with me, but I still think there are a lot of other people who are still in hiding.  And that's not fair.  So here we go.
Something I've learned recently about myself is that I repress my emotions in sacrifice for others' needs and wants who I care about.  I've mentioned this before, but now I'm actually doing something about it…