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I hope your Thanksgiving was full of reminders of how the Lord loves and provides for His children.  My Thanksgiving was pretty great, spent with lots of family and lots of noise!

Okay, this summer at STINT Briefing we watched a movie called Outsourced; the movie was about a man, Todd, that was sent to India to help improve a call center for the company he worked for (it sold novelty items).  He came there to simply get the job done, but he knew nothing of the culture.  This lack of knowledge put him in some very uncomfortable positions.  I won't spoil the movie, but it did put a lot of things into perspective for many of us at STINT briefing.  Well now this movie has been made into a show on NBC (I think), called Outsourced.  This show has quickly become a favorite of mine, even in the short amount of time that it's been on air; every episode, Todd learns something new about India (the people, place, culture, and religion) and sees the USA more objectively.  Every episode, he…

random stuff i'm excited about: spanish

Ever since Kindergarten, I have loved Spanish.  It's a beautiful language that's attached to a beautiful culture with a rich history.  In elementary school we had a resident Spanish teacher, Señora Maria, who would come to our class and teach us basic Spanish, like: good morning/afternoon, hello, how are you?, colors, and other stuff.  I always looked forward to her visits, but halfway through elementary school, she was no longer 'allowed' to teach us Spanish, but she was still at our school; so what she would do was come under the guise of giving our teacher a break and when the teacher was gone (she knew what was going on) she would give us a brief lesson on Spanish.  So it was early that I developed a love for Spanish, and this love led me to study it on my own and to take classes, and at one point try to minor in it.  There are many memories of my childhood that point to my love for Spanish and the people of Latin America; looking back now I realize that it was God…

Random stuff I'm excited about: cars

So sometimes I'll be dealing with something, serious or not so much, in my life and I think " I can't wait to be in Argentina, so I won't have to deal with this."  As of late I've thought that about my car; I'm grateful for it and I definitely need it.  BUT I sure do hate car maintenance; it makes NO sense to me, all those liquids you got to keep pouring/pumping in, all those lights to look at/understand in the dashboard, the insurance stuff to worry about, ick!  I'm just no good at it.  So in addition to ministry in Argentina, I'm uber anticipatory of not having to deal with a car for a year.  I know it's silly, but I seriously despise that car stuff, there are so many other things I'd rather be doing with my time and energy than dealing with my car!